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Upcoming Webinars

July 10-14, 2023
12 PM Pacific/1 PM Mountain/2 PM Central/3 PM Eastern
1 Hour Webinars (FREE)

This year's theme is "Fostering Health and Well-Being Across Extension" and will focus on efforts at the organizational,
managerial, employee, and community levels to provide health and well-being programs and opportunities for employees and clientele.
We will wrap up the week discussing ways to tell our health and well-being story more effectively.

Who should participate in Virtual Summer School?  Anyone!

From Extension directors to mid-managers, to program and staff development specialists and beyond--We welcome
anyone interested in these topics to join us for any or all of the sessions.

Register for any of following sessions using the Zoom link listed below.
Click on the dates you plan to attend to receive the Zoom link. 

Register for any of following sessions using the session’s Zoom link listed below.

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Monday, July 10th:  Institutional Commitment to Health and Well Being


      • Paul Hill, Ph.D., Extension Professor, Rural Online Initiative and Washington County Director, Utah State University Extension

      Session Description:

      Employee success can be improved through a commitment by institutions and Extension programs leading, supporting, and encouraging health and well-being. This session will discuss policies, practices, and other strategies leadership can implement
      to support employee wellness. In addition, the importance of creating a positive and supportive work culture, even with remote
      work environments will be addressed.

      Tuesday, July 11th : Cultivating Employee Health and Well-Being


      • Jared Morrison, Organizational Development Consultant, Learning and Organizational Development Unit, Ohio State University Extension
      • Jeff Young, Ph.D., Director of Urban Extension, Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

      Session Description:

      Managers and administrators need to cultivate employee health and well-being in a various ways. This session will feature information on emotional intelligence and its role in cultivating employee health and well-being. Support and providing
      resources for employees in health and well-being can impact whether they stay in Extension or leave for other opportunities. We’ll learn more about the job embeddedness theory and how that contributes to the health and well-being of employees.
      The concept of “stay interviews” are being used in a few states to learn what Extension is doing well to keep employees.

      Wednesday, July 12th: Promoting Health and Well-Being for Extension Employees


      • Adam T. Hughes, State Extension Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension
      • Gabriela Murza, Professional Practice Assistant Professor of Health and Wellness, Utah State University Extension
      • Samantha M. Harden, Ph.D., 500-RYT, Director, Physical Activity Research and Community Implementation Lab; Associate Professor, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise; Exercise Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension

      Session Description:

      Taking care of our health is paramount to being a successful employee. Come and learn what a few states are doing to promote health and well-being through employee development and wellness programs. Programs to be featured include Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Public Health Course, Utah State University’s Be Well Rewards Program for
      employees, and Virginia Cooperative Extension's Physical Activity Team and PARCI lab work.    

      Thursday, July 13th: Fostering Healthy Partnerships


      • Oralia Mendez, Manager, Workforce Development and Community Programs, Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation
      • Ivys Figueroa-Sánchez, DrPH, Associate Professor, Agricultural Extension Service, College of Agricultural Sciences at Mayagüez, University of Puerto Rico
      • Rusty Hohlt, Ph.D., Director, Healthy Texas, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
      • Amber Canto, MPH, RDN, Director, Health & Well-Being Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension

      Session Description:

      Extension across the country has successfully developed partnerships with local agencies and organizations to
      address community health and well-being. The session will feature a panel from four such programs from Oregon,
      Puerto Rico, Texas, and Wisconsin. Join us to learn about: Oregon’s Health Worker Course and other joint projects;
      Puerto Rico’s efforts in cancer prevention and education; Texas’ efforts to promote preventative health at the local level;
      and Wisconsin's frameworks for advancing health equity.

      Friday, July 14th: Telling our Health and Well-Being Story


      • Maggie Jones, Director, Center for Community Health and Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute
      • Roger Rennekamp, Health Director, Cooperative Extension Section of the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities

      Session Description:

      There is growing recognition and understanding of the multiple factors beyond an individual’s behavior that influence their
      health. These factors account for as much as seventy percent of an individual's overall health status. Social-ecological frameworks suggest that an individual’s daily activities are nested in multiple layers of social system that includes their families, friends,
      schools, workplaces, organizations, communities, policies, and societal norms. At any of these layers, it is possible to find factors
      that either promote health or are barriers to achieving optimal health. As Extension professionals begin to engage in collaborative
      efforts that address these factors, they must also engage in different types of evaluation activities. Accordingly, this session will
      engage participants in a discussion of how to catalyze and evaluate efforts focused on creating communities where all people
      can thrive. Participants will also be introduced to current national efforts to identify relevant metrics of personal and institutional
      performance, enabling Cooperative Extension’s expanded work in health equity and well-being.

      Come and join Extension professionals in the Leadership Lunch & Learn Book Review Series hosted by Julie Robinson, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension, and the Southern Region Program Leadership Network Program and Staff Development Committee.  Each month a different leadership book will be featured.  Come enjoy a "book report" to learn about the topic.  No pressure to read the book first, but you might decide you want to read it later!  

      The series will be held the 4th Wednesday of the month at 12:15-1:00 p.m. Central.  The registration links and dates are provided in this handout.  The registration codes are unique for each month so enroll separately.  Once you enroll, you will receive the Zoom link.  

      Grassroots Engagement and Social Justice Through Cooperative Extension,
      edited by Nia Imani Fields and Timothy J. Shaffer

      Mar. 28, 2023, 3:00 p.m. Eastern


      Nia Imani Fields, Maryland 4-H Program Leader and Assistant Director of Extension, University of Maryland

      This session will be the same as Nia's presentation during the conference.  If you were unable to attend, be sure to join the conversation! 

      Register here:

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