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Why should I join NAEPSDP?

"No other professional organization provides the networking and coverage of
content that I need for my position as does NAEPSDP." 
~NAEPSDP Member Survey Feedback, 2015

The Benefits of NAEPSDP Membership

The benefits of membership are three fold:

  • Professional development
  • Recognition, fellowships, and scholarship
  • Collaboration and networking

Here is a little more information on these three benefits of NAEPSDP.

Professional Development

  • Annual NAEPSDP conference with opportunities for members to make national peerĀ­ reviewed presentations
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills through association leadership roles and committee involvement
  • National webinars provide member with opportunities for continuing education as well as experience co-producing and/or presenting to a national audience
  • Access to online professional resources

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarship

  • The opportunity to be eligible for national awards
  • NAEPSDP First Time Conference Attendee Award
  • NAEPSDP Outstanding Contributor Award
  • NAEPSDP Past Presidents Early Career Award
  • NAEPSDP/JCEP Creative Excellence Award
  • NAEPSDP/Extension Foundation Fellowships
  • The opportunity to present your scholarly work through webinars and at the national conference
  • Representation on the Journal of Extension editorial board

Multi-State/National Collaboration and Networking

  • NAEPSDP is a member organization of the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP)
  • National leadership opportunities through JCEP and member organizations
  • A professional network for multi-state collaboration and scholarship through access to our membership directory 
  • Member directory
  • E-newsletter to stay current on NAEPSDP happenings, upcoming events, and more
  • Member-to-member collaboration to share best practices

Service Opportunities

Service is the lifeblood of a professional organization.  Active Extension Professionals and Lifetime members in good standing are eligible to serve and be recognized for their leadership and contributions to our National Professional Association by:

  • Serving on the Board (Officer and/or Regional Representative)
  • Serving as a Committee Chair/Co-Chair
  • Serving as a Committee Member  
  • Serving as a regional/national representative for JCEP committees and other special workgroups

NAEPSDP 2019 Conference Highlight -- A Peace of My Mind Video

John Noltner, respected photojournalist and speaker, joined us for an engaging and meaningful experience in Savannah, GA.  Through "A Peace of My Mind Project," John connects the stories of participants through engaging them in conversation around a question.  Our question was:

"How have you been an agent of change?" 

John took photos of participants and collected their answers to the question to create the video below that showcases the many ways in which we affect change!  This video and a presentation by John was the highlight of our closing session.  What a joy to reflect on the great impacts each of us are making in tiny and huge ways across our nation.    (Click on the image below to view video)

                NAEPSDP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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