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Overview of Committee Structure

NAEPSDP conducts much of the Association's work through committees.  Members choose the committee they wish to serve on each year.  Committees elect a chair or co-chairs to lead the team in carrying out the duties of the committee.  Committees meet throughout the year as needed.  

The Association has nine standing committees which include:

  • Annual Conference
  • Audit
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Membership
  • Nominating
  • Policy and Resolutions
  • Professional Development

Each of these, excluding the Audit Committee, function throughout the year.  The Audit Committee is assembled when there is a change in the position of Treasurer to conduct an audit of the Association.  

Select committees, sometimes known as special committees, may be appointed or formed on an ad hoc basis  to fulfill specific needs or address a particular project.  

Explore each committee page under the Committees link on the menu bar for additional information.  

Get Engaged!

If you are a member are are not engaged in a committee, you are encouraged to review the
committee pages and reach out to the chair/co-chairs of a committee you wish to join!  

                NAEPSDP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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