NAEPSDP members are doing great work and we want to recognize those accomplishments through our Awards programs. A brief overview of the awards is below. Click on the name of the awards to get the details and specific submission requirements for each award. Please carefully review the guidelines and apply yourself or nominate someone else.

NAEPSDP Past Presidents’ Early Career Award—The National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals annually honors a member of the association with the Past Presidents’ Early Career Award. This award recognizes an Extension professional with less than 10 years of experience in the profession who has made notable contributions to the profession. Nominees must be paid members in good standing with the organization (current year’s dues paid) and must have held membership in the Association for a minimum of two (2) years during the 10-year period. Self-nominations are accepted. All nomination materials must be submitted by August 31st. The award, which includes a plaque and a cash award of $300, is presented at the NAEPSDP Annual Meeting. Applications are due August 31.

JCEP Creative Excellence Award—This award, sponsored by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP), recognizes innovation and creativity which advances the art and science of Cooperative Extension work. One award will be presented to NAEPSDP members in good standing annually. The award, which can be given to an individual or a small team of 2-5 members, includes a stipend of $250. The NAEPSDP winner of this award is also eligible for the national JCEP Creative Excellence Award which includes a $1,000 stipend. Applications are due August 31.

NAEPSDP/eXtension Fellowships— Two (2) Fellowships are available to NAEPSDP members in good standing. Applicants can be current or retired Cooperative Extension employees. One (1) fellowship will focus on program evaluation and one (1) will focus on program design/development. The Fellows will receive a $1,000 stipend for their work. Read the complete description for more details. Applications are due August 31.

NAEPSDP Outstanding Contributor Award--This award recognizes individuals who initiate and develop creative ways to enrich the learning process. Efforts may focus on innovative programming or tools for staff development, evaluation, or administrative processes at local, regional, state or national level. Applications are due August 31.

NAEPSDP First Time Conference Attendee Award -- This award is given to eligible individual(s) who will be attending the NAEPSDP Annual Conference for the first time. This award is intended to promote membership in NAEPSDP and participation at the annual conference. 
Eligibility 1. A first time conference attendee. 2. Current Active or Student member – Membership dues for the calendar year in which the conference takes place must be paid prior to submitting the application. 3. Registered for the conference – Applicants must be registered for the conference. The registration fee will be reimbursed upon receiving the award. 
Applications are due August 31.

Review detailed award announcement for submission/application guidelines.  Recipients of the JCEP Creative Excellence Award and the NAEPSDP/eXtension Fellowships will be notified by October 1 so that they can make plans to attend the NAEPSDP Annual Conference to be formally recognized by the Association and the award sponsors. To the extent possible, the winner of the Outstanding Contributor Award will remain a secret until it is presented.

Be sure to check this site frequently and be on the lookout for new opportunities for awards. We are currently working on two additional awards we think you will be excited to learn about.

Questions regarding these awards should be directed to:

Teresa McCoy
NAEPSDP Awards & Recognition Committee Co-Chair

Kenneth Jones
NAEPSDP Awards & Recognition Committee Co-Chair

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