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Our Vision

NAEPSDP was formed to bring the national community of program and staff development professionals together. This community includes individuals with a range of responsibilities in support of extension educators and the overall mission of Cooperative Extension.

Our Mission

The mission of NAEPSDP is to improve communication and collaboration by discussing issues, needs and opportunities of mutual interest and building and sharing resources; advocate for the profession by promoting its importance within the land grant system, enhance multi-state efforts; develop, sponsor and promote educational training programs and activities that enhance sound program and staff development practices; and advance the professional status of program and staff development professionals by encouraging continuous professional self­ improvement.

Our Members

NAEPSDP membership includes Extension directors, program leaders, middle managers, regional/area directors, program specialists, evaluation specialists, program and staff development specialists, instructional designers, human resource specialists, information technologists, and accountability specialists/programmers. Sixty-eight percent of members have statewide responsibilities. The remainder work at the following levels: 24% regional, 5% national, and 3% county.

Association Documents

                NAEPSDP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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