Membership committee

The Membership Committee is charged with managing the membership of the association. This committee is responsible for the annual membership drive, managing the membership list, and keeping the membership communications process up to date.  The Membership Committee is made up of a Committee Chair, a Committee Co-Chair, and the five regional representatives (North Central, Northeast, Western, Southern, 1890).  Members in good standing may also serve on the Membership Committee.  The Association Treasurer serves as an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee.  The Membership Committee must work closely with each of the other standing committees to accomplish their work.

The 2016 Annual Plan of Work for the Membership Committee includes developing and executing strategies to:

1.     Recruit new members
2.     Retain current members
3.     Welcome new members
4.     Conduct new member activities at the national meeting
5.     Have an exhibit at other appropriate conferences
6.     Recruit members for involvement in presenting webinars, contributing to e-newsletter, and new member

2017 Membership Committee Plan of Work

2016 Membership Committee Plan of Work

2016 Membership Committee Report

Current members are:

Michael Lambur, Virginia (Chair and Southern Region Representative)
Mary Fran San Soucie, Montana (Co-chair)
Cody Stone, Montana (Western Region Representative)
Amanda Taylor, Illinois (North Central Region Representative)
Aly Valentine, Maryland (Northeast Region Representative)
Terrence Wolfork, Georgia (1890 Region Representative)
Rich Poling, Arkansas (Treasurer, ex-officio)
Celeste Allgood, Georgia
Sarah Baughman, Virginia
Jenny Cocanougher, Kentucky
Krista Farthing, Indiana
Kathleen Greer, Texas
Carrie Stark, Nevada
Stacy Warner, Kansas
Jeff Young, Kentucky

For more information, contact Michael Lambur, Membership Committee Chair.

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