2017 Webinar Schedule


11:30 am EST/10:30 am CST/ 9:30 am MST/8:30 am PST

"Transforming Extension: Enhanced Engagement through Client Management Systems"

Presenter: Kyle Flinn, University of Missouri Extension, MU Extension Enterprise Project Director

Description:  The University of Missouri Extension is investing in transformative technology platforms to enhance engagement with the citizens of Missouri. During this webinar, the speaker will provide details about the specific e-commerce, e-marketing, online learning and event management platforms that will be launched in 2017. In addition, information about how the systems will complement tools like 4H Online will be shared. This new platform provides Missouri Extension with a new website, a new content management system, and seeks automate a number of manual tasks.


11:30 am EST/10:30 am CST/ 9:30 am MST/8:30 am PST

"Millennials in the Workplace: Understanding Generational Difference"

Presenter: Dr. Teresa Byington, Associate Professor/Specialist, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Description:  The number of Millennials in the workplace is increasing each year.  There are over 83 million Millennials in the United States and 53 million are in the workforce.  For the first time in history we have four (or five) generations in the workplace.  The different values, priorities and life experiences of each generation has created potential areas for generational friction.  This presentation will examine the significant life events that influenced the values and attitudes of each generation.  With a focus on Millennials, participants will gain an understanding of ways to resolve differences related to topics such as communication, dress codes and work style preferences. Join us to gain a greater understanding of generational viewpoints.


11:30 am EST/10:30 am CST/ 9:30 am MST/8:30 am PST

"An Assessment of the Programmatic Level of Extension Agent Work in Virginia"

Presenter:  Robert Clark, County Extension Agent - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Shenandoah County, Virginia Extension

Description: In 2015, 47 percent of Virginia Extension Agents had less than four years of experience. In order to address the lack of experience issue, Extension Administration formed District Program Leadership Teams (DPLT) for the four districts in the state. Each team consisted of six agents with two each from the Agriculture, 4-H, and Family and Consumer Science programming areas. These agents were charged with the duty of training new agents on how to conduct sound programming in their communities and to help all agents hone their programming skills. In essence, DPLT members were charged to be Extension Agents to the Extension Agents.  This assessment was completed by the DPLT to better understand how agents are programming.  This presentation will overview the purpose of the assessment, the methodology used to complete the assessment and the results of the assessment.


11:30 am EST/10:30 am CST/ 9:30 am MST/8:30 am PST

"Building Leadership Competencies in Florida County Extension Directors"

Presenter: Matt Benge, Extension Assistant Professor, UF/IFAS Dept. of Agricultural Education & Communication

Description: Developing a qualified workforce and retaining valued employees is essential for organizations to be successful. Many times in Extension, we hire employees without providing the necessary training and development programs to maximize our employees’ potential. Specifically in Florida, intentional development and training does not exist for County Extension Directors (CEDs), whom serve as both the administrative leaders of the county Extension offices and are Extension agents who have a split appointment between their educational programming and administrative duties. This webinar will (1) provide an overview of current research efforts surrounding CED leadership competencies, and (2) describe the current efforts to build leadership development programs for Florida CEDs.


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