2019 Webinar Schedule

June 19, 2019

TIME: 3:00 p.m. ET

SPEAKER: Celeste Carmichael, Program Development & Accountability Specialist
Cornell Cooperative Extension

WEBINAR TITLE: Building Stronger Collaborative (long distance) Teams

DESCRIPTION: Do you find yourself working with staff, faculty, and stakeholders across county-lines, state-lines and international-lines? What are your best practices for long distance collaboration? In this webinar we will walk through some of the research and best practice ideas for building stronger collaborative long-distance teams. We will also review a few suggested resources for gathering more insights on effective distance collaborations. Participants will be asked to share experiences and suggestions that have worked and questions/concerns that remain in their long-distance collaborative work.

DATE RECORDED: March 26, 2019

SPEAKER: Scott Cummings

TITLE: All New Look, All New Data: Land-grant Impacts Database

DESCRIPTION: Check out the Land-grant Impacts Database or public website and (https://landgrantimpacts.org/) you will see big changes. The site has a fresh new look, better tools and search capabilities, integrated peer review, and more prominently displayed impact stories. All new statements submitted to the database will now undergo peer review before being made public on the site. This new layer of review will insure the highest quality information is being displayed. Statements from the past three years will be archived and available, but not displayed on the public site. This session will discuss the site, how it is used, and how to use the site.

To view recordings of previous NAEPSDP webinars, go to the "Webinar Archive" sub-tab under the Webinars tab on this website's homepage.

For more information or questions about the webinars, contact Gwyn Shelle (heyboerg@msu.edu) or Celeste Carmichael (cjc17@cornell.edu), 2019 NAEPSDP Programs Committee Co-Chairs

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