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All Extension professionals are invited to join us for this informative webinar series on incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into our Extension programs from planning to evaluation.

Monday, July 13
Program Planning Process Designed to Increase Access and Grow Programs

Presenters: Jennifer A. Skuza, Ph.D., Associate Dean and MN 4-H State Director, & Jessica Pierson Russo, M.Ed., Extension Educator and Associate Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension

Program planning is like working through a maze. Sometimes we do it quickly and easily. Other times werun into dead ends and have to retrace our steps to find new paths. So it is with program planning in Extension. In this session, presenters will lay out a program planning process that is intentionally designed to increase access and grow programs.

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headshot Whitney GhermanTuesday, July 14
Making Change from the Inside Out

Presenter: Whitney Gherman, MSW, Marion County Extension, FCS Educator, The Ohio State University

Programs alone cannot easily address the decades of community neglect and disinvestment that lead to distrust, apathy, and inequity. This session will help Extension professionals reflect on their implicit bias, identify ethical principles that respect the traditions and assets of community members, and consider grassroots approaches to restore trust and meet urgent needs.

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Wednesday, July 15
A Proactive Approach to Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities

Presenter: Jennifer Taylor-Winney, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Health & Exercise Science, Western Oregon University

In this session, we will discuss the importance of being proactive in planning and implementing strategies for inclusion of individuals with disabilities. We will identify key concepts of universal design and how they may be utilized in a variety of contexts and identify a useful framework practitioners can use in their programs to assist in the inclusion of all participants.

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Thursday, July 16
Negotiation Across Diversity: Application for Extension Work

Presenter: Suzanna Windon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Youth and Adult Leadership, Penn State Extension

We don’t and can’t change personality, experience, and culture. However, we can adapt temporarily to capitalize on behavioral tendencies. This session is all about negotiation and diversity among individuals, groups, & communities. The session covers aspects related to a) negotiation and gender, b) personality, individual abilities, and negotiation, c) cultural differences and negotiation, d) application for Extension program for Latino Talent: Strategies to Negotiation.

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Friday, July 17Natalie Cook and Tom Archibald, presenters
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Extension Evaluation

Presenters: Natalie E. Cook, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Health, & Thomas Archibald, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech

In this session, participants will learn about how diversity, equity, and inclusion issues intersect with Extension evaluation. The instructors will describe key terms related to these concepts, discuss their relevance throughout the evaluation process, and offer guidance on "next steps" in (re)aligning Extension evaluation efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. This session will be informed by contemporary developments from the broader field of evaluation, such as Culturally Responsive Evaluation, the EquitableEvaluation Initiative, multicultural validity, and transformative evaluation capacity building, among others.

Register Here: https://uaex.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_X6ev4MXmQQio-AKWZPUbkw

All session recordings will be housed on the NAEPSDP Webinar Archives Page at: https://naepsdp.org/Webinar-Archive

SESSION TITLE:  Utah's Rural Online Initiative: Connecting Rural Communities with Remote Work

DATE: September 23, 2020 | 3PM ET

PRESENTER: Paul Hill, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth Development
Utah State University

SESSION DESCRIPTION: To help rural communities prepare for the future, USU Extension created a new program to assist people in developing skills needed for remote work. The purpose of the Rural Online Initiative program is to provide Utah’s rural workforce with education, training, and services for online opportunities in remote employment, freelance work, and e-commerce.

PRESENTER BIO: Paul Hill is a tenured Extension Associate Professor and County Director for Utah State University where he leads economic development and 4-H STEM education programs in Washington County. He has been awarded the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science Technology and the USU Faculty Innovator Award for his work in spreading remote work, the Maker Movement, and 4-H computer science programs statewide. Paul received a national fellowship with the eXtension Foundation to study the economic impacts of the Maker Movement nationwide and represented Utah as a Maker Ambassador to the White House during the 2016 National Maker Faire. In 2013, Paul piloted the first 4-H Computer Science Clubs and is currently serving as a co-principal investigator for the National 4-H Computer Science Pathway program to reach 300,000 youth in 41 states with $7.5M in funding from Google. In 2018, Paul was selected to serve as the principal investigator for the Rural Online Initiative which was funded under House Bill 327 for a $2.2M appropriation. This Rural Online Initiative provides Utah’s rural workforce and businesses with education, training, and services for online opportunities in remote employment, freelance work, and e-commerce.

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