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Journal of Extension (JOE): NAEPSDP Representative

Role and Responsibilities of the Board Position

The NAEPSDP representative on the JOE Board agrees to:

  • Attend and participate in all JOE Board meetings (two (2) face-to-face & four (4) conference calls. Face-to-Face meetings are two-days).  The NAEPSDP representative on the JOE board is responsible for covering all transportation costs required to attend face-to-face JOE Board meetings.
  • Participate on at least one JOE Board subcommittee
  • Read minutes and handouts prior to meetings and come to meetings prepared
  • Suggest agenda items when appropriate
  • Maintain communications among NAEPSDP constituency group and JOE Board.
  • Report on activities of NAEPSDP at Board JOE Board meetings. 
  • Solicit input from NAEPSDP and communicate member and board ideas, concerns and input back to the JOE Board
  • Be familiar with http://www.joe.org, especially the Board of Directors, Board Bylaws, and National Job Bank
  • Promote JOE to NAEPSDP
    • Report back to the NAEPSDP Board (through virtual board meetings) after each JOE Board meeting
    • Solicit ideas and input regarding JOE and the National Job Bank from the NAEPSDP Board and membership
    • Use promotional materials (handouts, display) at organizational conferences or meetings
    • Look for opportunities for JOE presentations at NAEPSDP organizational conferences or meetings
    • Look for opportunities to include JOE and Job Bank information in conference or meeting packets
    • Prepare JOE updates for NAEPSDP board meetings and at the annual conference
    • Submit articles on JOE and the National Job Bank to the NAESPDP Marketing Committee
    • Remind NAEPSPD members how they can sign up to automatically receive each issue of JOE
  • Recruit NAEPSDP members to be considered for appointment as peer reviewers of JOE articles.
  • Serve a three (3) year term on the JOE Board of Directors

Application for
Journal of Extension Editorial Board Position for the NAEPSDP

NAEPSDP members who are interested in serving on the Journal of Extension Editorial Board for NAEPSDP should provide the following information using the form below. Applications must be submitted by August 31. 

                NAEPSDP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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