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2021 NAEPSDP VIRTUAL CONFERENCE AGENDA (Tentative) – All times shown are Eastern Standard Time


3:00 – 4:00pm

Board Meeting

4:00 – 5:00pm

New Members and 1st Time Conference Attendees Reception


11am – 12:30pm

General Session Opening – Steve Siegelin, 2021 NAEPSDP President, Montana State University

Welcome – Cody Stone, Extension Executive Director, Montana State University

Keynote – Will Bowen, Motivational Speaker

1:00 – 1:35pm

Concurrent Session 1 – Oral Presentations

Assessing Extension Educators' Motivation to Engage in Program Evaluation

Adeola Ogunade, Megan Kruger

How Important are Diversity Competencies in Youth Development Work? Nationwide Perceptions of the Access, Equity, and Opportunity PRKC among 4-H Professionals

Matt Benge, Jeff Howard,

 CC Suarez

Decoding the Ages and Stages of Youth to Engage Them in Positive Youth Development

Kristie Popa, Tycee Prevatt

Identifying Data-Driven Strategies to Improve Relationships between State Specialists and Agents in Florida

Amy Harder, Olivia Caillouet

1:35 – 2:00pm


2:00 – 3:00pm

Concurrent Session 2 - Workshops

The Trust Edge Experience in Extension

Lisa Kaslon, Dave Varner, Jenny Keshwani,

Renee Pusey, Tara Mondock

Mentoring With an Eye Toward Capacity Building

Daniel Robotham, Suzanna Windon



3:25 – 4:00pm

Concurrent Session 3 – Roundtables

Addressing Generational Gaps: Lessons Learned from a Piloted Grandfamily Mentorship Program

Adeola Ogunade, Megan Kruger, Zona Hutson, Linsey Ferguson, Lacey Seckman

Using ArcGIS Storymaps for Extension Reporting and Storytelling

Leyla Marandi

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Extension: Identifying Barriers and Strategies

John Diaz, Cody Gusto, Lendel Narine, Jackie Bruce, K.S.U. Jayaratne

4:15 – 5:15pm

Happy Hour


11:00 – 11:45am

Keynote – Matthew Sowcik, Assistant Professor of Leadership Education, University of Florida

11:45am – 12:00pm


12:00 – 12:35pm

Concurrent Session 4 – Oral Presentations

CART: An Evaluation Shopping Experience

Teresa McCoy, Debby Lewis,

Brian Butler, Tim Byrne

Building Extension Agent Capacity in Instructional and Communication Technology Implementation: A Digital Field Experience Training Program

Peyton N. Beattie, Jamie Loizzo, Matt Benge, Nick Place,

Glenn D. Israel, Traci Irani

Process to Assess Influence of Extension Conference on Employees' Psychological States

Marina Denny, Martha Ann Ellard

12:35 – 1:00pm


1:00 – 2:00pm

Concurrent Session 5 – Posters & Lightning Talks

Looking Forward: Integrating Virtual Programming into Long-term Program Plans

Krista Stump

Shattering Myths: Gay People ARE Involved in 4-H and Extension Programming

Jeff Howard, Teresa McCoy

Circling Back Around on the Approach on Extension Impacts

Diane Mashburn

Extension Continues During a Pandemic: Adapting to Technology Based Program Delivery

Jeff Howard, Amy Rhodes

Using Open-Ended Questions to Improve Data Quality When Using Paid Survey Panels

Mikey Hughes, Amy Harder,

Matt Benge, Glenn Israel,

Diane Craig

A Comparison of Extension Mentor Behaviors Between 2019 and 2021

Sydney Whitehurst, Amy Harder

The ‘Who’ of Extension Professional Turnover

Matt Benge, Amy Harder

Utilizing GIS to Determine Area of Interest for a COVID-19 Vaccine Education Grant Proposal

Tia M. Gregory, Laura Downey

2:00 – 2:15pm


2:15 – 3:15pm

Concurrent Session 6 – Workshops

Managing for Stress

Suzanna Windon, Carolyn Henzi

Moving Extension Forward with Practical Applications of Diversity and Inclusion

Craig Rotter, Dawn Burton




Concurrent Session 7 - Roundtables

Remote Work Adoption in Extension

Paul Hill, Amanda Ali, Lendel Narine, Debra Spielmaker

Using Qualtrics and Custom URLs to Simplify the Evaluation of Multi-site Programming

Julie K Huetteman,

C. Bradford Sewell

Lesson Study Model of Professional Development at 1890 Land Grant Universities

Martin H. Smith, Tiffany Franklin, Travella Free,

Manola Erby, Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty




Key Informant Sessions


Key Informant: Latasha Ford


Key Informant: TBD

Program Evaluation

Key Informant: TBD


11 – 11:30am

Keynote – TBD

11:30am – 12:30pm

NAEPSDP Business Meeting and Awards

12:30 – 1:00pm


Concurrent Session 8 – Oral Presentations


Collective Impact in Cooperative Extension – Creative approaches to measuring policy, systems, and environmental change work in Extension

Michele Walsh, Rachel Leih, Rachel Gildersleeve, Kara Haberstock Tanoue, 

DeeDee Avery, 

Madeleine deBlois

How can we use adult education principles and practices for professional development of Extension educators?

Nav Ghimire, Vikram Koundinya,

Anil Kumar Chaudhary,

  John Diaz, Jon Hogge

Stakeholder Perceptions of Nevada Youth Educational and Mental Health Needs During the Pandemic and Supporting Our Youth Moving Forward

Carrie Stark, Shannon Horrillo, Bill Evans, Jeantyl Norze, MaryAnn Demchak, Jessica Gallo, Jafeth Salido-Sanchez,

Sheila Bray, Sarah Chvilicek

Assessing Pennsylvania Farmers’ Quality of Life and Leadership Competencies for Developing an Extension Program

Suzanna Windon,

Daniel Robotham




Concurrent Session 9 – Oral Presentations

Building Buy-in: DEI curriculum development for an Extension leadership team

Kristi Farner, Rochelle Sapp, Karen Argabright

Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights Overview

Jessica Creighton,

Drenda Williams

Using Extension Education Design Templates to Increase Learner-Centered Teaching

Mary L Halbleib

Using a Statewide Needs Assessment to Inform Program Planning: A Colorado Case Study

Cary Weiner, David MacPhee


Break & Transition to Closing Zoom Session

 2:45 - 3pm

Closing – Julie Huetteman, 2022 NAEPSDP President, Purdue University

3:00 – 3:45pm

New Board Members Meeting

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